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How can we format the HP Laptop?

The method to reformat a HP Laptop appears to be very complicated for the users who do not have a satisfactory understanding of the technical realm. If you are one of them and your system is previously having many obstacles and you are afraid to spoil the situation, even more, then we would suggest you try these straightforward steps provided by HP Laptop Technical Support Team. We have simplified the process into very easy steps which you can practice to reformat your system without the intervention of a mechanic who would charge a high amount for an action which you can perform with our guidance.

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The importance of Installation disk

Most of the people think that the process to reset the device varies for distinct models, but this supposition is actually inaccurate. The method is not related to the laptop model, but the
Operating system installed on it. The process of resetting a Windows 10 and 8.x laptop is easy, you just need to search the reset option from the Start and follow some on-screen instructions but the measures of formatting the computer is different for the older versions. There, you require the installation disk in order to complete the process. You need to format the drives in of my computer folder.

Follow these steps and reformat you HP Laptop with older windows:

  • First and foremost, you should back up all your files and media and save them.
  • You will then have to put in the installation disc for windows 7.
  • Power off your system after that
  • Turn it on after a short while.
  • Move to the My Computer folder.
  • Double click on the icon of C-Drive and select the option to format.
  • You will need to re-install the windows 7 on the C-Drive.
  • Finally, restore all the saved files.

It is not a complicated process. You should once try it before moving to a technician. It is not the end of support. You can still call on HP Laptop Customer Support Number Canada +1-855-687-3777 and speak to our experts regarding your concern. We will be assisting you throughout the process. You can approach us any hour of the day and get the accurate solution to all your problems.

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