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How To Troubleshoot Slow Speed of HP Laptop?

The slow speed of the system can be really frustrating. You are working on an important project and your laptop doesn’t seem to provide quick response. The technology is slowing you down instead of
increasing your speed. These situations are really irritating as you are trying to work fast and be more productive but your system doesn’t agree. This issue has been seen in HP laptops and itseems to unexpectedly slow down. But don’t worry because HP customer support is there to help you troubleshoot this issue. They have laid down the list of steps to resolve this issue.

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Steps to troubleshoot the slow speed of laptop:

  • First, you need to scan the system with updated antivirus to check whether the malware is the reason of the slow speed.
  • Delete all the junk files. Useless files only take up space and speed. Remove them for a better system.
  • Now you need to free some space in hard drive. The less free space your system has, the slower it will be.
  • Get rid of unwanted application, software, and games. Delete the things you no longer use to increase the space in your system.
  • Delete unwanted media files. Numerous videos and music files always tend to be stored in the system and these slow it down. Delete files you don’t use anymore.
  • Download antispyware and install it. It will get your system rid of spyware.
  • Start the process of disk defragmentation. Disk defragmentation corrects the disorganized computer files. It will also delete broken files.
  • Clear the RAM. RAM stores the temporary running files, and if it is already filled, then you won’t be able to get high speed.

Follow these steps to get a high-speed in your laptop. But technical problems can still exist. Contact HP Laptop Contact Number +1-855-687-3777 to get professional and instant help in any problem.

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